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Tirol Castle

The archeological museum provides an overall view about the early settlers (7 BC) in this alpine region. From the Bronze Age, there is a melting furnace, still fully intact to be seen.
The main wall, built around 1100, remains one of the oldest and best preserved castle walls including parts of the battlements. Also to be wondered are the marble porches from the 12th Century. The original symbolic sculptures belong to the most creative Romanistic work in Tyrol. The chapel with Freskos from the 13th Century also has the oldest Tyrolean stained glass windows and an enormous wooden carved crucifix from the 14th Century.

Bird Care Centre near Tirol Castle

In a wonderful landscaped setting and with integrated educational pathroutes, visitors can learn about the fascinating life of birds of prey. The main aim of the centre is to nurse the helpless and injured birds until they are again healthy, and then introduce them back into the wild. If this is not possible the centre gives the animals a new home

Brunnenburg Castle

The Brunnenburg Castle is said to be named after a nearby spring and lies on a glacial hill between the village centre and Tirol Castle. The fortresses date from between 1241 and 1253. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Brunnenburg was privately purchased and restored. Today it is a cultural centre and home of the South Tyrolean Agricultural museum.


Hans Norman Falkner (1906 – 1988), born in Gurgl in the Ötztaler Alps, is held in high estimation by the inhabitants of his adopted place of residence Dorf Tirol. He was the one who financed the renovation of the church organ and who initiated in 1972/73 the construction of a comfortable footpath to Tirol Castle leading from the petrol station to the “Doss” viewpoint. The beautiful promenade which offers an amazing panoramic view was named after Hans Norman Falkner in recognition of the fact that he privately financed the entire construction project. In 1988, the year of this death, his monument was erected on the promenade.

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